The Galactian
Cyclops Crystal

a bold work of fiction by Kevin Stevenson Fiske


The Galactian Cyclops Crystal is nothing you were quite expecting -- yet by the end, will feel like everything you really wanted -- unconventional, hilarious, and moving. This book exudes a radical, cutting style, and paints beautiful exciting scenes at every possible turn. With mystickal and consequential currents bubbling just beneath the surface, The Galactian Cyclops Crystal offers relevant, new perspectives on our present and troubled times.

“...the pimento within an olive on
the event horizon of a black hole.”

Jack Telephone

“So you’re telling me,” questioned Jack Telephone, “that this Galactian Cyclops took his awesome rock, and just hurled it around at everyone?”

Jack was pretty embarrassed to be seen this way in front of his friends. Indeed, he was the Megaphone Master. But he had given up the rap game to become an adventurer. Though he wouldn’t have had to give up all the fame and glory, had it not been for –

“Yes, I’m Jack Telephone the Megaphone Master, Ruler MC of the Kid Blink Champions. At least, I used to be. I know G. Whiz couldn’t have stolen that Amulet all by his scrawny ass self though, or it’d be an easy matter to just beat him up and take it back. He had some help, serious help, and if I’m going to get it back, and reclaim my crown and the right to bust on my Tectonic Ivory Megaphone, I’m going to need to come back badder than ever before.

tripliclops King

The crowd is agitated and poised to see the Tripliclops King himself emerge from behind that curtain and deliver himself up to the public opinion. Suddenly there was a silence, it felt like the very air had been sucked from the room in the instant within which the curtain swung back and with great gravity and confidence emerged the man of the hour.

The Tripliclops King stands tall though he be counted among men, and he sprung for that dope fractal-plate armor for all matters of state ceremony. Just dig on this suit for a moment, we’re talking Tidal Boots of theBetter Gods +X. where X is defined as a large variable designated by the variance of the gravitational pull of the Moon upon the Earth - real SuperNikes with the official Superswooshes up on them.

“To what do I owe the pleasure, my Lord?” the Chief Botanist ventured,
but the Tripliclops King held up his hand to suggest the lower’s silence.

“You must tell me of the health of our fine Arlequin Roses.” The King intoned.

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