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If I were a god I'd be a developing god

If I were a ghost I'd be a dancing ghost

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a bold work of fiction

Kevin Fiske

“...the pimento within an olive on the event horizon of a black hole.”

Now the hot question is, perhaps you’re holding this book, there’s wild nonsense going on inside and the premise seems funny and compelling, but you don’t wanna look like a idiot. What’s this all about? What’s in it for me, you might ask, to learn that Jack Telephone is the Megaphone Master? Why would I wish to collect fabulous cop diamonds? You can absolutely read this book as an unconventional and hilarious sci-fi/fantasy adventure. One of the joys will be that it is nothing you were quite expecting, yet by the end it will feel like everything you really wanted from the genre -- exuding a radical, cutting style, and painting beautiful exciting scenes at every possible turn. There’s something mystickal and consequential bubbling from underneath -- if you’re sensitive to this manner of reading, you’ll pick up on some rather provocative themes. You’ll acknowledge that there’s an analytic mirror cast on our present and troubled times. The Galactian Cyclops Crystal creates the opportunity for an open dialogue moving beyond passive consumer culture into a more meaningful, participatory level of engagement that extends past the confines of the book itself. I challenge you to create meaning for yourself and to reflect on your own assumptions. This can be a catalyst -- but in difficult times it also makes excellent kindling.

"Twice in as many days they had been preyed upon by giant forest mummies, who stood so tall their heads loomed above the evergreens and they shook the insects out of the ground as they walked. Then again later that second afternoon they had to do battle with a giant eyeball made of solid laser beam!"

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